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August 2017 Archives

Answers to questions SEC whistleblowers may have

In our experience in representing whistleblowers in securities cases, we have found that our clients have a number of important questions they need answers to prior to becoming clients. We understand that we must be counselors at law just as much as we are advocates. As such, Because of this, we find it helpful to answer some of the common threshold questions that potential whistleblowers may have.

Employees can be proactive in preventing harassment

You have worked hard to start your career. You studied hard and got an education. You’ve done internships and worked entry-level positions. You know your field. You researched competition and applied for the perfect job. As you grow in your new role, you will want to know what the duties of your employer are. You will also want to know what is expected of you as an employee. If your employer has a handbook, study it. Know how what the goals and policies of the company are. Know what your benefits are and how they work.