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September 2017 Archives

Understanding the four forms of pregnancy discrimination

Having a child is a joyous experience; often one a woman likes to share with those around them. Because pregnancy lasts roughly 9 months, most women maintain their jobs throughout their pregnancy. While this is commonplace and many employers in Iowa and elsewhere are used to employing pregnant workers, some pregnant women discover that they are mistreated, harassed or discriminated against based on the fact that they are currently pregnant.

Protecting the rights of pregnant employees

Starting a family is a joyous time for those in Iowa and elsewhere; however, women could face some troubles because she has decided to have a child or expand her family. One would not think that being pregnant in the work environment would generate much if any changes, but the reality is that adjustment will be required as a women progresses with her pregnancy. However, if an employer fails to make necessary accommodations or fails to provide for family and medical leave, this could present issues regarding FMLA and the disability act.

Transgender employee files action for discrimination in Iowa

The workplace is supposed to be a comfortable and safe environment. However, some employees do not believe that they are receiving the treatment he or she deserves. Because certain rights are afforded to employees, it is important to note when these rights have not been upheld. If an employee is being mistreated or discriminated against based on certain characteristics, this could give rise to a workplace discrimination matter.

FMLA violations are common and often devastating for employees

Compared to other industrialized nations, the United States does a poor job of accommodating parental and medical leave and protecting the jobs of workers who must take time off for these reasons. The U.S. has only the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), which provides up to 12 weeks per year of unpaid, job-protected leave to qualifying employees who take leave for qualifying reasons.

What constitutes sexual harassment in the workplace?

While employees in Iowa and elsewhere may not always be pleased with their place of employment, this does not mean that they are being mistreated. However, some employees experience much pain and hardship because of their treatment and unpleasant conduct experienced in the workplace. Although unexpected by most employees, sexual harassment is unfortunately experienced by employees across the nation. In some cases, it can be difficult to discern what sexual harassment is, even when you are a victim

Fighting for your rights after workplace sexual harassment

Nothing is worse than feeling like you don't matter or are unsafe in the workplace you spend countless hours at each week. While many employees feel comfortable in their work environments, experiencing the employee rights afforded to workers in Iowa and other states across the nation, this is unfortunately not always the case. This is especially true when employees believe that they are victim of sexual harassment and nothing has been done the correct the situation.