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October 2017 Archives

How common is sexual harassment in the workplace?

Employees in Iowa and elsewhere expect a certain treatment in the workplace. This does not mean there is an expectation of special treatment or biases in the work environment; however, it does mean that employees presume that they will be treated properly and according to state and federal laws. Unfortunately, this does not always happen. Some employees get mistreated, and this mistreatment is based on their gender. Harassment in the workplace is not only uncomfortable, it is damaging and against the law.

Helping sexual harassment victims assert their rights

The workplace should be a relatively comfortable environment to be in. While it might now always be enjoyable, the workplace should be a safe place to work in. This goes beyond safety standards that focus on the health of employees and the reduction of dangers and risks that could cause injuries. Employers are also required to provide a workspace that is free from harassment. Unfortunately, some employees experience unwanted conduct. In other words, they are victims of sexual harassment.

Stiffer penalties for those with whistleblower complaints

As a previous post discussed, blowing the whistle on an employer is not an easy situation for employees in Iowa and elsewhere to be in. However, whistleblowers should note that they serve a vital role in society. Without them, there would be waste, fraud and abuse by private and government employees. Because of that, rules and regulations have been passed to protect these individuals from retaliation and harassment, helping them overcome the fear of blowing the whistle.

Understanding whistleblower protections

Employees in Iowa and elsewhere do not expect to observe or experience uncomfortable or illegal situations. Unfortunately, some employees are asked to carry out activities that are in violation of rules, regulations and laws, and in other situations, employees observe or uncover these illegal acts. This can be the cause of an unwanted and overwhelming situation because an employee is torn on what he or she should do. The ultimate fear is that if an employee speaks out, reporting the information he or she has uncovered, the employee will be fired.

Confronting sexual harassment at work

It would be wonderful to believe that sexual harassment in the workplace would by now be a thing of the past. While the ideas that justify sexual harassment remain stuck in another era, this behavior is still unfortunately very present in many offices and work environments around the country.