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December 2017 Archives

Can I have FMLA leave for birth of a child and adoption?

Iowans who are concerned about managing both their job and attempts to expand their family should be aware of the Family and Medical Leave Act. Many will have a vague notion of the basics of FMLA, but will not realize that it extends beyond pregnancy and maternity leave to the prospective parent being granted time off and job protection if he or she is adopting a child. When there is an issue with this or concerns about it, a legal professional is vital to the case.

Poll examines evolving Iowa attitudes about sexual harassment

With the growing number of people who are coming forward with their experience with sexual harassment in Iowa and across the nation, research is being conducted to gauge how prevalent and widespread the problem is. One study from the Des Moines Register/Mediacom Iowa indicates that around one in four women in the state had dealt with sexual harassment at work in the past three years. Sexual harassment is defined as co-workers giving unwanted sexual attention. That includes making comments and physical contact.

Legal help is key for disability discrimination at work in Iowa

People in Iowa and across the nation who have disabilities have the right to seek work just like anyone else and be treated reasonably and fairly while there. Unfortunately, not all workplaces are friendly to people who are disabled whether they are seeking the job or are already working there. For people who are confronted with this type of employment discrimination, it is important to realize that they have rights under the law. Filing a lawsuit because of disability discrimination can help them be compensated and put a stop to the treatment.

More Iowans feel compelled to report sexual harassment

Sexual harassment has been an issue in Iowa and across the nation for many years. Its prevalence and the impunity with which those who take part in the activities believe they can behave has contributed to the culture and stopped people from filing a sexual harassment claim or even saying that they have been a victim of harassment. However, the floodgates have seemingly opened in industries across the spectrum. Although the government, Hollywood and the news business are the ones that attract notice, greater vigilance and acceptance that this occurs regularly is sparking increased reporting.

An alleged victim of harassment should know its two basic types

Iowa workers who believe they have been a victim of harassment should be aware of the legal requirements for unlawful harassment. There are two basic types and there are certain criteria for when it is considered a legal violation. In today's world, while harassment in its various forms is being treated more seriously, it is imperative that workers who believe they have been victimized by it understand when the criteria to seek compensation has been met.