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February 2018 Archives

What should I know about age discrimination?

Under the law, Iowans are granted certain protections against workplace discrimination. This includes being discriminated against when seeking a job or already on the job. One category of discrimination that is not as prominent a topic today, but is still important to address, is age discrimination. Workers in Iowa should understand what age discrimination is and what it entails.

Woman files lawsuit over multiple employment law violations

Unfair and abusive treatment of employees is an issue that has come to the forefront in Iowa and across the nation. Even with the greater amount of light being shined on this troublesome problem, there are still people who face this type of workplace discrimination every day. Even if they complain to their employer about it, it does not necessarily mean that the behavior will change and they will be treated in a way that adheres to the law. When they have little recourse, they may want to discuss the matter with a legal professional to consider a lawsuit.

What is certification of a serious health condition under FMLA?

Iowa workers who are eligible to take time off from work under the Family and Medical Leave Act should be cognizant of certain requirements that may accompany it. If, for example, the employer wants to receive certification of the serious health condition of the worker or the worker's family member before granting FMLA, it can request it. When the employer wants certification, it must be included in the notice regarding rights under FMLA when the employee first requests it. Certification can be requested later if there are concerns as to whether the leave or the duration of the leave were appropriate.