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March 2018 Archives

Whistleblower reports on injury practices at public works

Iowa workers who see wrongdoing or danger at their job might be afraid to speak up for fear of retaliation or mistreatment for doing so. They might even be concerned about losing their jobs. However, it is a person's right to report any violations, whether it is the breaking of federal law, agency misconduct, dangerous actions and much more. To encourage workers to speak out without fear of reprisal, there are laws providing whistleblower protection so they can report wrongful activities and be shielded from repercussions at the workplace. Those who are considering reporting any issue should know about protections accorded to whistleblowers.

Sexual orientation discrimination in Iowa

In the state of Iowa as well as the rest of the United States, all people are protected from discrimination in the workplace. They are protected from discrimination on the basis of disability, gender, marital status, age, race, nationality, color, religion and sexual orientation.

Iowa woman's workplace discrimination suit allowed to go forward

For Iowa workers who believe they have been subjected to workplace harassment and other violations of the law, there are certain requirements that must be met before they can file a lawsuit because of it. Some employers might cite the failure to reach the necessary threshold as a protective device against a legal filing. However, those who have been wronged and dealt with workplace discrimination should not be dissuaded from pursuing their claims based on legal interpretations. Appealing and pushing forward can be effective in receiving justice.

What is in loco parentis under the Family and Medical Leave Act?

Iowa workers who are eligible under the Family and Medical Leave Act are entitled to have as many as 12 workweeks off for a variety of personal reasons. Their jobs will be protected during this time. People who are eligible for FMLA should know the different categories under which they can use their rights to take this time off. One is when an employee has a "in loco parentis" relationship. People who meet the criteria of an in loco parentis relationship can take time off under FMLA to care for the person who was their "parent." If they are eligible and their employer has not granted this time, they can pursue their rights under FMLA with help from an attorney.

A whistleblower should have legal assistance from an attorney

Iowa workers who become aware of illegal behavior at their place of work might be intimidated or outright afraid to speak out against it. This can be in any kind of job in the public or private sector. While it could be a difficult decision to become a whistleblower, there are times when the person does not have an ethical, moral or personal choice but to do so. Understanding the Whistleblower Protection Act and how it shields whistleblowers is essential to taking the next steps. Since the law can be complicated, it is wise to have legal assistance before moving forward.

Detailed records about your harassment can help build a case

Despite many strides toward greater equality in the workplace, people still experience degrading harassment by bosses, managers and co-workers. Sexual harassment isn't limited to a few industries. It can happen at any kind of business, from a large corporate office to a retail establishment.

Former fire chief in Iowa says her civil rights were violated

Although greater attention is being paid to how Iowa workers of all genders and sexual orientations are treated while on the job or when seeking employment, there are still instances in which employers are accused of committing various violations of the civil rights law. This can happen in any job, even city jobs where there should be specific guidelines and oversight. For people who have experienced harassment, violations of employee rights, and any form of workplace discrimination, having legal advice is paramount to moving forward with a lawsuit to be compensated and achieve justice.