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May 2018 Archives

What is military service qualifying exigency under FMLA?

Workers in Iowa who have family members who are in military service will often be worried about how potential demands for time off will affect their work. The Family and Medical Leave Act has a stipulation that an eligible worker can use FMLA if there is a qualifying exigency. When seeking to take time off from work and have the job protected, it is important to understand how FMLA protects these individuals.

Sexual harassment in Iowa and witnesses reporting it

When sexual harassment takes place in the workplace in Iowa, it is common that the victim is not the only person aware of it. Witnesses might see that there is harassment taking place and there is frequently confusion as to the protocol of reporting it when another person is a victim of harassment. Understanding how the law views this issue is important when a person is subjected to sexual harassment at work and would like to seek help and file a legal claim about it.

Sexual harassment: What investigative steps must employers take?

When there is an allegation that sexual harassment has taken place in a workplace in Iowa, the victim should know how the case will be handled by the employer. There are basic, foundational issues that must be understood even before moving forward with a sexual harassment claim and seeking compensation in a legal filing. The internal investigation has numerous facets that are vital to a case. If the employer is derelict in its duties to fully investigate, that can be part of a case.

Religious discrimination laws protect grooming and garb practices

For many Iowa residents, part of their religious observance dictates how they groom themselves and the clothes they wear. Some people are unaware of its importance to those who follow various religions and that these mandates must be followed. They will subsequently engage in religious discrimination in the workplace. Others might simply make untoward comments about it. This too can be viewed as religious discrimination and a violation of employee rights. Understanding how religious garb and grooming are protected in the workplace is important. If there is a violation, the victim may have the right to seek compensation in a legal filing.

Sexual harassment during your probation period in Iowa

When you have recently started a new job, you will likely have a probationary period. This is in place so that your employer has more rights than usual for the purposes of making sure that you are the right employee for them. While your probationary period will mean that you feel more vulnerable to the possibility of dismissal, and you may feel an increased pressure to impress your employer, it does not mean that you are in any way exempt from the basic rights of an employee.