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June 2018 Archives

Women in sexual harassment suit get important victory

In Iowa and across the nation, greater attention is being paid to incidents in which workers are sexually harassed on the job. For many jobs that are frequently male-dominated, women who have worked in that environment have been subjected to offensive sexual comments, sexual innuendo, unwanted touching and more. This has been ongoing, regardless of any social movements to put an end to it. Many women have taken these issues to court. One case has given an important victory for female Iowa truck drivers who filed a class-action lawsuit about this treatment.

Court lets state workers file workplace discrimination claims

Discrimination in the workplace can take place in any kind of job in Iowa, even for state workers who might expect to be treated in an evenhanded fashion due to the nature of the employment. Nonetheless, discriminatory practices can affect people across a wide spectrum. Fortunately, there are options to seek better treatment and to be compensated for wrongdoing, if it is proven to have occurred. For state workers, a new ruling opens the door to pursue a lawsuit.

Understanding when retaliation violates employment law

Iowans with issues at work, and believe there has been a violation of their employment rights, are often concerned about filing a complaint, due to fear of retaliation. This is also a problem when an employee takes part in protected activities, but the threat of retaliation is in place to dissuade them. However, retaliating against an employee is a violation of the law.

Woman claims harassment and discrimination at former job

Iowa residents who are simply trying to do their jobs to the best of their abilities might find themselves confronted with various forms of harassment and discrimination. This can be frightening and worrisome, as they may not know what to do to put a stop to it and are concerned about the possibility that a complaint could make matters worse. However, workers must remember that they have employee rights and can take steps to exercise them. Even if it takes time to file a case, it is important to understand how to move forward.