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July 2018 Archives

Employee who complained because of sexual harassment was ignored

When an Iowan is the victim of harassment, complaining about it to those in a position of power in the workplace will do something to put a stop to it. This belief is true with sexual harassment or any other type of ill treatment. When those in a position of power fail to act, it can make the situation untenable for the harassed employee as the abuse might become worse with it being harder to stay in the job. For those who have taken all the necessary steps according to the law to address the issue and have not received the desired results, a lawsuit can be the last resort, help to rectify the situation and receive compensation for the abuse.

Iowans do not need to accept sexual harassment at work

Sexual harassment is a prominent issue. While more and more people who are in positions of power are being held responsible for their behavior, there remains a stigma attached to those who are mistreated in this way and want to take steps to put a stop to it. That fear is understandable as so many different people have been blamed or outright called liars for reporting that they are a victim of harassment.

When is there probable cause of workplace discrimination?

When an Iowan believes he or she has been subjected to employment discrimination, they can exercise their employee rights by considering a legal filing. Regardless of how or why the person was discriminated against, there are certain basic factors that must be considered when moving forward with a case. One is if there is probable cause to believe there has been discrimination.

What is the timeline for an employment complaint?

Iowa workers who believe their civil rights were violated when subjected to some form of employment discrimination will have a great deal to consider as they weigh their options. This includes how to move forward with a case, what the law says about their situation and how they can continue with their employment if they are dealing with the issues encapsulated in these circumstances. The basics are frequently overlooked in these cases. One such factor is the complaint processing timeline.