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August 2018 Archives

What does the law say about equal pay requirements?

In a perfect world, equal pay between men and women would no longer be an issue in Iowa and across the nation. However, it remains problematic as employers might still violate the law by failing to pay men and women equal pay for equal work. When there is a belief that wage discrimination is taking place, a law firm that is experienced in helping workers who have been confronted with wage discrimination can be a vital part of getting justice.

Iowa restaurant owner faces consequences for sexual harassment

In Iowa and across the nation, people are increasingly telling their stories of being sexually harassed and seeking compensation in legal filings for all they have lost because of it. Some of the biggest obstacles to people moving forward with a sexual harassment claim include fear of losing their job, reluctance because they think they will not be believed, and concern that the allegations will follow them around and have a negative impact on them in the future. However, with the growing number of people in white collar and blue collar jobs who are bringing forth their claims of being a victim of harassment, it is important to keep track of these cases to alleviate those worries and pursue justice.

Are you a victim of workplace harassment?

When workers in Iowa are considering whether the treatment they are subjected to at work constitutes a violation of the law against harassment, it is important to understand the two kinds of harassment that can take place. While there are subsets with these two types of harassment, the basics are important when determining if the violation met the standard to be a legal violation of the terms of employment and it is possible to file a claim to be compensated. According to the law, there are two kinds of illegal harassment. They are "quid pro quo" and a "hostile work environment."

Woman claims school district subjected her to wage discrimination

In Iowa and across the nation, stories about people being harassed and mistreated at work are increasingly prevalent. Wage and gender discrimination can make it difficult for a person to function effectively on the job. It can even result in them losing the job by deciding to leave because they can no longer stand the abuse or by being wrongfully terminated. If there is a belief that any type of employment law violations negatively affected a person's work, a legal filing can be used to pursue compensation.

How is leave calculated when using FMLA?

For Iowa workers who qualify for job protection and time off under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), it is not a simple matter of taking the time off without meeting certain requirements. The basics are easily understood. Workers can use FMLA for as much as 12 workweeks off. Those who are serving as a military caregiver can get up to 26 workweeks off. One factor that is frequently misunderstood is how leave usage is calculated. Understanding that is critical to FMLA and taking the time off.