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September 2018 Archives

Dismissed Iowa Finance Authority head committed sexual harassment

Workers in Iowa might be intimidated when they are facing sexual harassment on the job. This is made worse when the alleged harasser is a person who is in a powerful position in the state. It is important to remember that everyone has rights and it is irrelevant if the perpetrator is someone who might have a certain amount of sway and political connections due to the nature of his or her job and reputation. Reporting the sexual harassment is critical not just for the good of the victim, but to put a stop to the behavior so others will not be subjected to it. Having a law firm with experience in helping those who are victimized is crucial when taking that next step.

Teacher facing charges asserts her civil rights were violated

Not all Iowa cases where there are allegations of civil rights being violated, issues with a worker's employee rights and other claims of the law being flouted are easy to assess. Often, there are statements from both sides as to what happened. Regardless of any disputes as to which side is at fault for the workplace problems, a person who believes he or she has been subjected to illegal treatment by an employer has the right to seek compensation in a legal filing. Having a law firm on the worker's side is one of the most important factors in determining what happened.

Judge overturns decision on former fire chief's harassment claim

When Iowa employees are confronted with problems at work ranging from harassment, discrimination and allegations of wrongdoing, they have the right to protest. If these allegations end with the person losing his or her job, it is even more important to remember that there are laws to protect workers from ill treatment. Many cases are complex and issues arise where the complainant must deal with setbacks and adversity. Remembering the importance of legal help when seeking justice for mistreatment at work is critical.

How does credibility determination impact harassment allegations?

When there are allegations from an Iowa employee that his or her employee rights were violated and harassment has been taking place, it is often one person's word against another person's word. This can be complicated for the employer to determine what happened and conclude how to handle the situation. Workers have the right to be free of mistreatment on the job. If there is any kind of mistreatment and harassment whether it is sexual, race-based, gender-based or for any other reason, it could be the foundation for a legal filing.