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October 2018 Archives

Should I waive my rights against age discrimination?

In today's changing workplace, older employees often feel pressure to move on and make room for younger, cheaper employees, even though "older" employees may be only in their late thirties or early forties. Those who are in the workforce in their fifties, sixties and beyond feel incredible pressure to adjust to rapid changes. They may face outright discrimination because of their age.

What constitutes an adverse action violating employee rights?

When an Iowan's employee rights are violated, he or she may be confronted with various sanctions for exercising those rights. For a worker who lodges a complaint that there was a violation of these rights, an investigation will look for certain aspects to assess whether the employee was mistreated and has the right to be compensated. For workers who are concerned about this process, it is imperative to understand what constitutes an adverse action.

Legal assistance in dealing with a hostile working environment

Although sexual harassment is an ongoing problem in Iowa and across the nation, its ancillary effects are often as problematic or worse for workers who are dealing with it. For many, being harassed by a boss, a supervisor, a co-worker, or a customer is bad enough, but it is when other issues that frequently accompany this type of harassment arise that it causes more extensive problems in their lives. Specifically, a hostile working environment and a downward spiral in how they are treated on the job can negatively impact them just as badly as or worse than sexual harassment. With any of these issues, legal assistance can be useful to put a stop to it and seek compensation for what occurred.

Can my workplace discrimination claim be kept confidential?

Iowans who are confronted with an employee rights violation and are hoping to file a complaint about it to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) will often be worried about confidentiality and the chance that they will suffer retaliation and other repercussions because of speaking out. This is a natural reaction to an already intimidating situation. Understanding the EEOC's policy on public sector confidentiality when lodging a complaint is an important part of a case as is having legal assistance.

Fired worker alleges employee rights were violated and files suit

There are many ways an Iowa worker can be subjected to harassment. While sexual harassment is prominent in the news today, there are a seemingly endless number of other behaviors that can be deemed abusive and harassing. Some cases involve actual assault. To make these circumstances worse, some employees who claim they were mistreated in this way are disbelieved and eventually dismissed. Fortunately, there are strategies within the law to seek justice. The first step is to discuss the case with a qualified attorney.