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Legal help is key for disability discrimination at work in Iowa

People in Iowa and across the nation who have disabilities have the right to seek work just like anyone else and be treated reasonably and fairly while there. Unfortunately, not all workplaces are friendly to people who are disabled whether they are seeking the job or are already working there. For people who are confronted with this type of employment discrimination, it is important to realize that they have rights under the law. Filing a lawsuit because of disability discrimination can help them be compensated and put a stop to the treatment.

Lactating and breastfeeding mothers face workplace discrimination

Working women have long faced discrimination related to reproduction. Employers may ask about children, pregnancy or plans to have kids in an interview (despite it being illegal). Managers may refuse to accommodate basic medical needs during pregnancy, like reduced lifting. Some businesses go out of their way to find ways to terminate a worker once they discover a pregnancy.

Understanding the four forms of pregnancy discrimination

Having a child is a joyous experience; often one a woman likes to share with those around them. Because pregnancy lasts roughly 9 months, most women maintain their jobs throughout their pregnancy. While this is commonplace and many employers in Iowa and elsewhere are used to employing pregnant workers, some pregnant women discover that they are mistreated, harassed or discriminated against based on the fact that they are currently pregnant.

Transgender employee files action for discrimination in Iowa

The workplace is supposed to be a comfortable and safe environment. However, some employees do not believe that they are receiving the treatment he or she deserves. Because certain rights are afforded to employees, it is important to note when these rights have not been upheld. If an employee is being mistreated or discriminated against based on certain characteristics, this could give rise to a workplace discrimination matter.