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What constitutes an adverse action violating employee rights?

When an Iowan's employee rights are violated, he or she may be confronted with various sanctions for exercising those rights. For a worker who lodges a complaint that there was a violation of these rights, an investigation will look for certain aspects to assess whether the employee was mistreated and has the right to be compensated. For workers who are concerned about this process, it is imperative to understand what constitutes an adverse action.

Can my workplace discrimination claim be kept confidential?

Iowans who are confronted with an employee rights violation and are hoping to file a complaint about it to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) will often be worried about confidentiality and the chance that they will suffer retaliation and other repercussions because of speaking out. This is a natural reaction to an already intimidating situation. Understanding the EEOC's policy on public sector confidentiality when lodging a complaint is an important part of a case as is having legal assistance.

Fired worker alleges employee rights were violated and files suit

There are many ways an Iowa worker can be subjected to harassment. While sexual harassment is prominent in the news today, there are a seemingly endless number of other behaviors that can be deemed abusive and harassing. Some cases involve actual assault. To make these circumstances worse, some employees who claim they were mistreated in this way are disbelieved and eventually dismissed. Fortunately, there are strategies within the law to seek justice. The first step is to discuss the case with a qualified attorney.

Teacher facing charges asserts her civil rights were violated

Not all Iowa cases where there are allegations of civil rights being violated, issues with a worker's employee rights and other claims of the law being flouted are easy to assess. Often, there are statements from both sides as to what happened. Regardless of any disputes as to which side is at fault for the workplace problems, a person who believes he or she has been subjected to illegal treatment by an employer has the right to seek compensation in a legal filing. Having a law firm on the worker's side is one of the most important factors in determining what happened.

Judge overturns decision on former fire chief's harassment claim

When Iowa employees are confronted with problems at work ranging from harassment, discrimination and allegations of wrongdoing, they have the right to protest. If these allegations end with the person losing his or her job, it is even more important to remember that there are laws to protect workers from ill treatment. Many cases are complex and issues arise where the complainant must deal with setbacks and adversity. Remembering the importance of legal help when seeking justice for mistreatment at work is critical.

How does credibility determination impact harassment allegations?

When there are allegations from an Iowa employee that his or her employee rights were violated and harassment has been taking place, it is often one person's word against another person's word. This can be complicated for the employer to determine what happened and conclude how to handle the situation. Workers have the right to be free of mistreatment on the job. If there is any kind of mistreatment and harassment whether it is sexual, race-based, gender-based or for any other reason, it could be the foundation for a legal filing.

What does the law say about equal pay requirements?

In a perfect world, equal pay between men and women would no longer be an issue in Iowa and across the nation. However, it remains problematic as employers might still violate the law by failing to pay men and women equal pay for equal work. When there is a belief that wage discrimination is taking place, a law firm that is experienced in helping workers who have been confronted with wage discrimination can be a vital part of getting justice.

Are you a victim of workplace harassment?

When workers in Iowa are considering whether the treatment they are subjected to at work constitutes a violation of the law against harassment, it is important to understand the two kinds of harassment that can take place. While there are subsets with these two types of harassment, the basics are important when determining if the violation met the standard to be a legal violation of the terms of employment and it is possible to file a claim to be compensated. According to the law, there are two kinds of illegal harassment. They are "quid pro quo" and a "hostile work environment."

Woman claims school district subjected her to wage discrimination

In Iowa and across the nation, stories about people being harassed and mistreated at work are increasingly prevalent. Wage and gender discrimination can make it difficult for a person to function effectively on the job. It can even result in them losing the job by deciding to leave because they can no longer stand the abuse or by being wrongfully terminated. If there is a belief that any type of employment law violations negatively affected a person's work, a legal filing can be used to pursue compensation.

When is there probable cause of workplace discrimination?

When an Iowan believes he or she has been subjected to employment discrimination, they can exercise their employee rights by considering a legal filing. Regardless of how or why the person was discriminated against, there are certain basic factors that must be considered when moving forward with a case. One is if there is probable cause to believe there has been discrimination.