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Legal assistance in dealing with a hostile working environment

Although sexual harassment is an ongoing problem in Iowa and across the nation, its ancillary effects are often as problematic or worse for workers who are dealing with it. For many, being harassed by a boss, a supervisor, a co-worker, or a customer is bad enough, but it is when other issues that frequently accompany this type of harassment arise that it causes more extensive problems in their lives. Specifically, a hostile working environment and a downward spiral in how they are treated on the job can negatively impact them just as badly as or worse than sexual harassment. With any of these issues, legal assistance can be useful to put a stop to it and seek compensation for what occurred.

Dismissed Iowa Finance Authority head committed sexual harassment

Workers in Iowa might be intimidated when they are facing sexual harassment on the job. This is made worse when the alleged harasser is a person who is in a powerful position in the state. It is important to remember that everyone has rights and it is irrelevant if the perpetrator is someone who might have a certain amount of sway and political connections due to the nature of his or her job and reputation. Reporting the sexual harassment is critical not just for the good of the victim, but to put a stop to the behavior so others will not be subjected to it. Having a law firm with experience in helping those who are victimized is crucial when taking that next step.

Iowa restaurant owner faces consequences for sexual harassment

In Iowa and across the nation, people are increasingly telling their stories of being sexually harassed and seeking compensation in legal filings for all they have lost because of it. Some of the biggest obstacles to people moving forward with a sexual harassment claim include fear of losing their job, reluctance because they think they will not be believed, and concern that the allegations will follow them around and have a negative impact on them in the future. However, with the growing number of people in white collar and blue collar jobs who are bringing forth their claims of being a victim of harassment, it is important to keep track of these cases to alleviate those worries and pursue justice.

Employee who complained because of sexual harassment was ignored

When an Iowan is the victim of harassment, complaining about it to those in a position of power in the workplace will do something to put a stop to it. This belief is true with sexual harassment or any other type of ill treatment. When those in a position of power fail to act, it can make the situation untenable for the harassed employee as the abuse might become worse with it being harder to stay in the job. For those who have taken all the necessary steps according to the law to address the issue and have not received the desired results, a lawsuit can be the last resort, help to rectify the situation and receive compensation for the abuse.

Iowans do not need to accept sexual harassment at work

Sexual harassment is a prominent issue. While more and more people who are in positions of power are being held responsible for their behavior, there remains a stigma attached to those who are mistreated in this way and want to take steps to put a stop to it. That fear is understandable as so many different people have been blamed or outright called liars for reporting that they are a victim of harassment.

Women in sexual harassment suit get important victory

In Iowa and across the nation, greater attention is being paid to incidents in which workers are sexually harassed on the job. For many jobs that are frequently male-dominated, women who have worked in that environment have been subjected to offensive sexual comments, sexual innuendo, unwanted touching and more. This has been ongoing, regardless of any social movements to put an end to it. Many women have taken these issues to court. One case has given an important victory for female Iowa truck drivers who filed a class-action lawsuit about this treatment.

Sexual harassment in Iowa and witnesses reporting it

When sexual harassment takes place in the workplace in Iowa, it is common that the victim is not the only person aware of it. Witnesses might see that there is harassment taking place and there is frequently confusion as to the protocol of reporting it when another person is a victim of harassment. Understanding how the law views this issue is important when a person is subjected to sexual harassment at work and would like to seek help and file a legal claim about it.

Sexual harassment: What investigative steps must employers take?

When there is an allegation that sexual harassment has taken place in a workplace in Iowa, the victim should know how the case will be handled by the employer. There are basic, foundational issues that must be understood even before moving forward with a sexual harassment claim and seeking compensation in a legal filing. The internal investigation has numerous facets that are vital to a case. If the employer is derelict in its duties to fully investigate, that can be part of a case.

Teen sisters file sexual harassment claim in Iowa

In Iowa, there is an expectation that anyone who has a job will be free of the looming problem of sexual harassment. It is against the law to subject people to this level of harassment in the workplace but, as the recent news has shown, that does not stop a significant number of people from partaking in the practice despite its illegality and the consequences that accompany it. This behavior is made worse when it happens to young people who are just starting out. Those who are affected by sexual harassment might not know where to turn or that they have certain rights. Understanding that the behavior is against the law and discussing the case with an attorney can provide information on how to move forward.