Racial Discrimination in the Workplace

An unfortunate truth is that race still plays a significant role in American society. For many people, discrimination and inequality in the workplace are some of the most glaring examples of how this issue is played out in offices, factories and job sites throughout Iowa and the rest of the United States.

Working with Clients to End Discrimination in the Workplace

As a firm committed to protecting the rights of Iowa workers, we assist individuals and their families as they fight for equal footing in their careers and within the workplace. Similar to cases involving persons with disabilities or gender discrimination, treating someone unfavorably due to race is illegal according to federal and state laws.

If you believe race is playing into mistreatment, harassment or discrimination in your workplace, consider some of the following criteria and call us at Higgins Law Office, PLLC, to speak with attorney Stuart Higgins about your matter.

  • Policies and practices: Certain workplace policies that apply to everyone can seem benign, but may actually negatively impact people of different races, religions or genders. For example, forbidding certain hairstyles or facial hair may violate the religious freedoms of an individual.
  • Conditions of employment: It is illegal to make race a criterion for employment, advancement, pay increases, training, benefits and a variety of other workplace functions. We can review the circumstances of your case and determine how laws such as Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 apply.
  • Harassment and discrimination: Verbal, physical, written or other communicated incidents of harassment and abuse based on race are illegal. Although teasing or offhand comments may seem harmless enough, such behaviors straddle a thin line between joking and illegal behavior.

Discreet and Effective Methods for Protecting Your Rights

With experience handling numerous employment law cases, we understand the delicate nature of bringing a lawsuit against a co-worker or your employer. That is why we provide confidential consultations to ensure you can share your concerns in a safe environment. After learning the facts and determining if you have a strong case, we can work together to see that justice is served.

To schedule your free initial case evaluation, call our Des Moines law office and speak to our lawyer at 515-619-9148. You can also send us an email via our online contact form.