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Qui Tam cases fall under the False Claims Act. Sometimes called “Lincoln’s Law,” the False Claims Act was enacted during the American Civil War to curb fraud and false claims by wartime contractors working with the Union War Department. Essentially a form of whistleblowing, nongovernment affiliated individuals can alert the government to fraud being committed by government contractors. In return for their vigilance, those who file claims may receive a portion of any recovered damages.

You Have Protections When Blowing the Whistle on Fraud

At Higgins Law Firm, PLLC, we believe that individuals who do the right thing — like employees bringing attention to fraudulent practices undertaken by their employers — should be protected from any unjustified recourse taken by their employer. That is why we staunchly defend the rights of employees who are brave enough to blow the whistle. Furthermore, our employment law lawyer can explain the process of a Qui Tam lawsuit and potentially secure awarded compensation on our client’s behalf should the government’s action prove successful.

With a history rooted in protecting the interests of the government and its citizens, Qui Tam cases continue to provide citizens an opportunity to stand up for what’s right. Contemporarily, many Qui Tam actions are brought against nursing homes, medical supply companies and other entities that defraud government programs such as Medicare.

Speak with a Des Moines, Iowa, Employment Law Attorney If You See Evidence of Fraud

No one should be afraid to do what’s right. Unfortunately, many people fail to speak up because they are afraid of being fired or other unjust consequences of blowing the whistle on illegal actions in the workplace. At our firm, we strive to lend a voice to those who make the decision to take action. With skill and experience, we can guide you through the entire process while protecting your rights.

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