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Fired Worker Alleges Employee Rights Were Violated and Files Suit

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Fired Worker Alleges Employee Rights Were Violated and Files Suit

There are many ways an Iowa worker can be subjected to harassment. While sexual harassment is prominent in the news today, there are a seemingly endless number of other behaviors that can be deemed abusive and harassing. Some cases involve actual assault. To make these circumstances worse, some employees who claim they were mistreated in this way are disbelieved and eventually dismissed. Fortunately, there are strategies within the law to seek justice. The first step is to discuss the case with a qualified attorney.

A former county employee has filed a lawsuit alleging she lost her job after she complained about being assaulted. The woman worked as a food and planning coordinator. She had complained in May 2017 that her boss had yelled and lunged toward her. After she initially complained about her dismissal, the decision was upheld by the Board of Supervisors of the county. There are multiple allegations in her filing, but it focuses on the assault and how she faced retaliation in its aftermath.

In the incident, she says that she had gone to speak to her boss about using flex time. According to her, his response was an aggressive and loud refusal to discuss it. When she kept asking questions about the flex time – which she needed answers to because her vacation was planned for the following day and had been okayed – he lurched toward her as if to hit her, telling her to leave the office. She complained to human resources and started experiencing stress-related issues. A month later, she was given sick leave. When the sick time ended, she requested more time off under the Family Medical Leave Act. After the paperwork was completed, she got a pre-termination letter due to her use of sick leave and for failing to report the sick leave via adequate channels.

Being mistreated at work comes in various forms. Those who believe they have been victimized and subsequently dismissed after complaining about it have rights. A law firm with skills and experience in pursuing compensation and helping workers with their employee rights should be consulted with for any violation so evidence can be accrued for a lawsuit for compensation due to harassment, retaliation, abuse and any other form of workplace discrimination.