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Iowa restaurant owner faces consequences for sexual harassment

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Iowa restaurant owner faces consequences for sexual harassment

In Iowa and across the nation, people are increasingly telling their stories of being sexually harassed and seeking compensation in legal filings for all they have lost because of it. Some of the biggest obstacles to people moving forward with a sexual harassment claim include fear of losing their job, reluctance because they think they will not be believed, and concern that the allegations will follow them around and have a negative impact on them in the future. However, with the growing number of people in white collar and blue collar jobs who are bringing forth their claims of being a victim of harassment, it is important to keep track of these cases to alleviate those worries and pursue justice.

A former employee at a restaurant was awarded more than $8,000 due to the owner having sexually harassed her. According to her claim, the owner of the restaurant was repeatedly harassing and groping her. When she addressed the issue in trying to make it stop, he forced her resignation. The Civil and Human Rights Commission in Des Moines assisted the woman with her case. After several months of investigation, the owner was questioned about the allegations. He claimed to have not done what he was accused of. The evidence showed otherwise and he was ordered to pay her for emotional distress and lost wages.

There are several important points to remember when concerned about being victimized by sexual harassment in the workplace. It is not limited to unwanted sexual advances, touching and comments. It can expand into images, comments directed at another person and implications that without sexual favors, advancement and improved wages and benefits will not happen. For people who believe they have been subjected to sexual harassment and were penalized because of it, there are alternatives to seek justice. A legal filing can bring closure and help the person be adequately compensated for the mistreatment.

A restaurant worker who asserted that she had been victimized by her boss was awarded a significant amount of money for lost wages and the negative emotional impact the treatment had on her. Her first step was to report the behavior. Those who are facing similar treatment should follow her lead and discuss the case with a law firm that has experience and a history of helping those who have been damaged by sexual harassment in the workplace.