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Iowans Do Not Need to Accept Sexual Harassment at Work

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Iowans Do Not Need to Accept Sexual Harassment at Work

Sexual harassment is a prominent issue. While more and more people who are in positions of power are being held responsible for their behavior, there remains a stigma attached to those who are mistreated in this way and want to take steps to put a stop to it. That fear is understandable as so many different people have been blamed or outright called liars for reporting that they are a victim of harassment.

Despite that concern, everyone has a right to a harassment-free workplace and a law firm experienced in all areas of sexual harassment cases can help to seek justice. The laws against sexual harassment apply to every workplace whether it is a white-collar job or a blue-collar job. Being subjected to unwelcome treatment due to the person’s gender by a superior or a coworker is against the law. What many are not aware of is that it is also illegal and will be considered sexual harassment if a person is harassed by a customer or client and even if the person is a witness to another person being harassed.

Unwanted touching or aggressive behavior is sexual harassment, but so too is the act of making unwanted and untoward comments. If the worker suffers a negative impact due to this treatment, it could be the foundation for a legal filing to be compensated. Sexual advances, being asked for sexual favors, comments about gender and sexuality and a workplace at which it is common for sexually aggressive behaviors and comments all fall into the category of sexual harassment.

When a worker is unable to do his or her job due to the environment, is demoted, deprived of a promotion, fired or transferred and it is because of sexual harassment, a law firm that is experienced in helping clients who have faced this type of behavior can help the victim of sexual harassment to be compensated. Calling for assistance and advice is the first step.