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Legal Help Is Key for Disability Discrimination at Work in Iowa

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Legal Help Is Key for Disability Discrimination at Work in Iowa

People in Iowa and across the nation who have disabilities have the right to seek work just like anyone else and be treated reasonably and fairly while there. Unfortunately, not all workplaces are friendly to people who are disabled whether they are seeking the job or are already working there. For people who are confronted with this type of employment discrimination, it is important to realize that they have rights under the law. Filing a lawsuit because of disability discrimination can help them be compensated and put a stop to the treatment.

The Americans with Disabilities Act was passed in 1990 and it provides disabled people with the chance to work as well as an understanding of their civil rights in general. Workplaces are required to make changes to allow disabled people to work except in instances when it leads to an undue burden. If that is found to be the case, then the adjustments to the workplace do not need to be made and it will not be a legal violation not to make them.

When people are seeking employment, they must be vigilant to signs of employment discrimination against those who are disabled. For employment, the worker will be protected from not being hired due to the disability; receiving less pay than someone who is not disabled; being deprived of promotions because of the disability; shielding from layoffs; and getting training. The environment is also part of the workplace. The employer is required to make reasonable accommodations to a disabled worker. For example, a restroom that is handicap-accessible or having ramps that will allow the disabled person to get into the workplace are ways for the employer to adhere to the law.

Harassment is a problem that is garnering greater attention today and it can extend to people with disabilities. Mocking people who are disabled can be a form of harassment. This can be done by the employer, coworkers or others who are in the workplace. Finally, people who are disabled do not have to disclose more personal information than a worker who is not disabled as part of the basis for getting and keeping the job. Simply because there are laws against disability discrimination does not mean that every workplace will adhere to them. A person who has been subjected to this type of treatment should be aware of his or her rights and discuss a lawsuit with an attorney experienced in workplace discrimination.