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Teacher Facing Charges Asserts Her Civil Rights Were Violated

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Teacher Facing Charges Asserts Her Civil Rights Were Violated

Not all Iowa cases where there are allegations of civil rights being violated, issues with a worker’s employee rights and other claims of the law being flouted are easy to assess. Often, there are statements from both sides as to what happened. Regardless of any disputes as to which side is at fault for the workplace problems, a person who believes he or she has been subjected to illegal treatment by an employer has the right to seek compensation in a legal filing. Having a law firm on the worker’s side is one of the most important factors in determining what happened.

A teacher who was facing criminal allegations of harassment of school officials has alleged that she was retaliated against due to her complaints. The woman, 51, was a teacher at a middle school when she was put on administrative leave for letters she is accused of sending. She has admitted to being a critic of the district and its officials, but denies sending the letters. She has filed a civil rights complaint because of the alleged retaliation. She states that she was informed that there will be an investigation into her assertions.

Complicated employment cases are labeled as such for a reason. When there are complaints of illegal behaviors from an employer and an employee, it is up to neutral parties to decide which side is telling the truth. It is even possible that the issues are not related and both sides have a case. For a person who might have accusations of wrongdoing lodged against them, he or she is not precluded from filing a complaint if there is a belief that the law was violated and it hindered them. Having legal assistance regardless of the circumstances is one of the most important factors for a just resolution.

This case is rife with back and forth accusations from the school officials as to the teacher’s behavior and from her as to how she was mistreated because of her outspokenness. With the criminal case ongoing, she must have legal help to pursue her claims against the school district. For those whose cases are similarly complex, it is always wise to discuss the situation with a law firm experienced in workplace discrimination and other employment-related circumstances.