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Transgender Employee Files Action for Discrimination in Iowa

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Transgender Employee Files Action for Discrimination in Iowa

The workplace is supposed to be a comfortable and safe environment. However, some employees do not believe that they are receiving the treatment he or she deserves. Because certain rights are afforded to employees, it is important to note when these rights have not been upheld. If an employee is being mistreated or discriminated against based on certain characteristics, this could give rise to a workplace discrimination matter.

This is the current situation for a former nurse at the Iowa Correctional Institute for Women. According to recent reports, a transgender nurse claims that he was discriminated against based on his gender identity. Lawsuits were recently filed against several state departments as well as the former warden of the facility and a health insurance company.

The lawsuit asserts that the seven-year employee was treated differently from other male employees in the work environment, claiming that this was solely because he is transgendered. The employee was born female but has identified himself as a male since he was seven-years-old. The claim further asserts that his requests to use the male restroom and locker were denied. Additionally, his health insurance policy refused healthcare coverage for transgender-related care.

When an employee experiences discrimination in the workplace, it is vital to understand the situation. Gaining a broader perspective of the matter and the rights afforded to employees could help an employee assert his or her rights. This not only holds an employer accountable but also a mechanism for an employee to recover compensation for any losses or damages suffered.