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Understanding the Options Available to a Victim of Harassment

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Understanding the Options Available to a Victim of Harassment

As a growing number of prominent people are accused of sexual harassment and face losing their jobs and even being arrested, there might be a belief that sexual harassment on the job will no longer be tolerated and all victims need to do to put a stop to it is report it. However, it is important that Iowa residents who are a victim of harassment understand that reporting it is the first step toward achieving justice. Those who fail to report being a victim of harassment will also hinder any attempt to file a lawsuit based on a sexual harassment claim.

Statistically, a CareerBuilder survey says that 12 percent of those who took part were sexually harassed. 72 percent of them failed to inform a superior or their boss. 54 percent never confronted the individual who was committing the act. It is believed that people who are victimized in this way are ashamed and have a fear of consequences for themselves, keeping them from reporting it. Three-quarters of those who did report it say that the issue was handled.

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission says that people are advised to tell the harasser to stop if they are comfortable in doing that. If that is done and the behavior continues, then there are certain things the person should understand, including the law, what the workplace policies are and what options there are. With the law, workers who are at a workplace that has 15 or more employees are protected from discrimination by the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Sexual harassment is considered discriminatory behavior. Individual workplaces could have their own policies that can be used toward dealing with the situation.

Sexual harassment can come in many forms and be perpetrated by a variety of people. It can be a boss, a supervisor, a colleague or even a customer who does not work at the job. Being protected from this is a right and workers who are mistreated in this way should know how to handle it when it happens. A lawyer who has experience in sexual harassment claims will be of assistance in taking the necessary steps to file a case and for the victim to receive compensation.