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What Is the Timeline for an Employment Complaint?

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What Is the Timeline for an Employment Complaint?

Iowa workers who believe their civil rights were violated when subjected to some form of employment discrimination will have a great deal to consider as they weigh their options. This includes how to move forward with a case, what the law says about their situation and how they can continue with their employment if they are dealing with the issues encapsulated in these circumstances. The basics are frequently overlooked in these cases. One such factor is the complaint processing timeline.

Although this might seem secondary, it is an important part of a case. When a signed complaint is sent to the Iowa Civil Rights Commission, the parties involved will subsequently receive a copy of it. They will also receive a questionnaire. This generally takes place within five days of its filing. Those involved will then receive 30 days from the date on the notification to issue a response.

It is allowable to request an extension of two weeks. This can be done by the parties one time. Each party gets one two-week extension unless there are extenuating circumstances. The Commission then screens the complaints it receives to determine if it should move forward. The goal is to do this within 120 days from the date of filing.

In some cases, the case will be screened out meaning it has been closed. When it is screened in, it moves on to mediation. It will generally take 30 days to schedule and have the mediation hearing. Should the mediation session fail to achieve any result, an investigator will be given the case to examine it.

The parties will get an informal records request in which they will be asked to provide documents regarding the case. There will be 30 days for respondents to reply. After 30 days, the investigator will receive the case. There is no set amount of time for the investigator to complete the investigation. Witnesses, how available the parties are, if there is cooperation and any other factor related to the complaint will all be part of it.

The Commission seeks to finish its investigation into the case 60 days from when it is assigned to an investigator and have the entire case completed within nine months from the initial filing. For those who are confronted with employment discrimination, harassment, racial discrimination or any other mistreatment at work, there is an alternative to seek compensation in a legal filing. A lawyer who understands all areas of workplace discrimination can help with a case.