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When Is There Probable Cause of Workplace Discrimination?

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When Is There Probable Cause of Workplace Discrimination?

When an Iowan believes he or she has been subjected to employment discrimination, they can exercise their employee rights by considering a legal filing. Regardless of how or why the person was discriminated against, there are certain basic factors that must be considered when moving forward with a case. One is if there is probable cause to believe there has been discrimination.

Even if there is concern that it might not completely meet the criteria under the law or there is any level of confusion, it might still be possible to file a claim. There is probable cause when the person has reasonable grounds to believe that discrimination has taken place. The Iowa Civil Rights Commission (ICRC) will investigate the claims and make the decision as to whether there is probable cause. The facts and circumstances must be enough to produce a reasonable belief that the claim is true.

The evidence will be used to determine if there is an indication that discrimination took place. It is not necessary for the investigation to show absolute certainty that that the claim is accurate. The investigation must show little more than that the evidence is enough for a reasonable belief that there was a violation of the Iowa Civil Rights Act.

There are numerous kinds of employment discrimination from racial discrimination, disability discrimination, gender discrimination and much more. Workers might be harassed and mistreated for a variety of reasons when on the job and face a variety of consequences because of it. Often, they are unaware that they have the right to seek compensation for what has happened to them. For any worker who has lost a job, not been hired, not been promoted, been subjected to unsafe working conditions, faced harassment or any other violation, having legal assistance can assess the case to see if probable cause exists and help in moving forward. Calling a law firm experienced in workplace discrimination is key to a case.