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Woman Claims Harassment and Discrimination at Former Job

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Woman Claims Harassment and Discrimination at Former Job

Iowa residents who are simply trying to do their jobs to the best of their abilities might find themselves confronted with various forms of harassment and discrimination. This can be frightening and worrisome, as they may not know what to do to put a stop to it and are concerned about the possibility that a complaint could make matters worse. However, workers must remember that they have employee rights and can take steps to exercise them. Even if it takes time to file a case, it is important to understand how to move forward.

For example, a recent report notes that a 29-year-old woman who worked at an amusement park has filed a lawsuit asserting that she was harassed and was subjected to sexual and disability discrimination. The employee says that she worked at the job from May to September of 2017. She suffers from medical issues and asserts that she was subjected to harassment because of it. According to her, she informed the employers of her disabilities when she was interviewed for the job. Supervisors took part in bullying behaviors because of them. She claims that she was dismissed and a manager said that she would not have passed a drug test due to the medications she takes.

The woman says that she was not only harassed herself, but saw other workers mistreated. A bisexual teen who worked there was the subject of abusive sexual comments. The woman, who has Addison’s disease, Lupus and other issues, says that human resources was aware of her conditions. She says that she needed an ambulance at one point, but managers delayed calling one. She had been working in customer service and as a cashier, but was fired in September. She says it was due to her reporting the problems. Soon after, she informed the Iowa Civil Rights Commission of her treatment. This past March, she received notification that she had a right to sue.

Abusive comments and harassment can be the foundation for a legal filing. Those who have been confronted with these issues or any other forms of workplace discrimination must be cognizant of their rights to be compensated for any mistreatment whether it was during the interview process, while on the job or when being dismissed.