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Woman claims school district subjected her to wage discrimination

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Woman claims school district subjected her to wage discrimination

In Iowa and across the nation, stories about people being harassed and mistreated at work are increasingly prevalent. Wage and gender discrimination can make it difficult for a person to function effectively on the job. It can even result in them losing the job by deciding to leave because they can no longer stand the abuse or by being wrongfully terminated. If there is a belief that any type of employment law violations negatively affected a person’s work, a legal filing can be used to pursue compensation.

A lawsuit asserting that wage discrimination and gender discrimination was filed by a former school district official recently. She says that she was paid $80,000 annually when she took the job, but later discovered that male workers were receiving higher pay for doing the same work. She came to this realization in 2015 after looking at how the salaries were structured. In her filing, she says that she received positive reviews and was complimented on her work. When her salary reached $87,850, her wages were frozen.

For its part, the district says that the woman had gotten at least an extra $7,500 in pay without it having been approved by the board. She was an employee from 2015 to 2017. She resigned because she believed she was facing discrimination. According to the filing, her replacement was paid approximately $23,000 more than her. But, the district says that the man’s work experience was justification for the higher salary.

Employees are within their rights to expect to be treated fairly by their employer. If there are violations of employee rights, they have the right to seek compensation in a legal filing. For those who are still facing these and other categories of discrimination or already been dismissed, a law firm that has experience with helping clients with workplace discrimination claims can help.